CAT-M is an Australian singer &  songwriter.
CAT-M grew up in Melbourne and has been performing professionally for nearly 20 years in original, corporate and covers bands. As a singer and songwriter, CAT-M has regularly performed nationally around Australia and Internationally,
to hundreds and thousands of music fans every week.
CAT-M is currently working in the studio, recording all original material and looking forward to releasing her  debut single early November 2018 . CAT-M will then be looking to release her first EP early in 2019.
CAT-M is a Music Graduate of Victorian College of the Arts.  It is here she not only honed her music skills as a singer, but also developed her songwriting skills further. With an eclectic  passion for many genres of music and a love not only for popular contemporary music, CAT-M‘s music is influenced by her love for jazz, funk, soul, EDM and R’n’B.
CAT-M‘s songs have their own stories and their own sound. CAT-M writes her music to create a piece of work that is it’s own unique art work, not dictated by what’s popular at that moment, but music that can be relevant to all, irrelevant of time.
CAT-M has worked at all levels in the music industry, including working alongside over the years, the likes of David Hobson (Composer, Pop & Opera singer),
Phil Turcio (Songwriter/Producer/Pianist, Guy Sebastian, Richard Marx),
David Hirschfelder (Film Score Composer & ex-Little River band) &
Simon Binks (Australian Crawl).
CAT-M has also been heard singing on many radio jingles and television commercials nationally.
On top of CAT-M‘s extensive music training and experience in entertainment, she has spent many years as a vocal coach and has studied at the University of Sydney, and is a qualified Practising Speech and Language Pathologist.

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